There’s Definitely More to Come


This blog will most likely be a mixed bag of sorts. I’m interested in a plethora of things, so expect a little bit of everything. I enjoy writing (mostly for my own personal release), reading (every genre is my favorite), cooking (I’m a big girl, so naturally food is one of my passions), and of course, I love learning (by the time my expiration date arrives, I plan to know a little about everything).

Understanding the Word of God is a priority of mine.  I’ve listened to several Ministers, teachers, and “regular folk” over the course of my lifetime, and so often, their understanding of the Word is basically their own skewed opinion of what it truly means.  I haven’t digested the bible from front to back YET. And I would never lie to you and say that I am an expert on any and everything Scripture related, but I will tell you that there is only ONE truth that comes from the scriptures.

Right now, I’m basically writing to the internet (or to myself) until I gain a following. That’ll happen in due time. We’ve all gotta start somewhere right?


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