Christian Sorority Recruitment Time


If you’re seeing this message, WE ARE INTERESTED IN YOU!!! 

As many of you may know, TSL is a multicultural, non-collegiate Christian Sorority. We are based in Ohio, but we also have Chapters in St. Louis, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Chicago! We are expanding rapidly and we’re not done yet! We still need YOU! We’re looking for women who are hoping to grow closer to Christ & other like-minded Women of God! If your current circle isn’t helping your walk, then get a new circle! We want to make His name FAMOUS!! We can’t do this on our own and you’re just the ones to do it! This is what we offer: 

•Monthly Inspirational Prayer conference calls
•Monthly Devotionals
•Youth Programs
•Affordable Annual Dues
•3 Day processes
•Ambassador Programs
• Unique Community Service Opportunities 
•True Sisterhood
•Spiritual Support and much, much more

College Students ARE Welcome! (must be at least 18)



If this is something you’re interested in, let me know! We have a lines forming all over the US for the Summer!! We want YOU to be there to participate in our Nationwide Summer Line Starting JULY 29th! I pray you will begin to seek God on your next steps… I pray even more that it’s with us! God Bless!!

-Theta Babez ❤


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