An Expected End


To stand out and to be unique in a world where everything that’s “in” requires your conformity is an amazing feat. This is not even fathomable without the type of grace that surpasses our teeny little self absorbed minds. We are called, chosen by name, to be a light in dark places. We are required to stand confidently and boldly in the presence of all who have turned against Him, and to be living sacrifices, created to introduce others into God’s presence. Enlarging the kingdom of heaven is OUR purpose while on this earth. How can you introduce your brother or sister to our Father if you’re afraid to make a sound? Just taking a single step can create a ripple effect. People emulate what they see. They hear what makes sense in their minds. We walk around aimlessly, in our many states of confusion, when, instead of agreeing with the will of God and moving into His destiny, we choose our own limited understanding and create a false gospel behind it. We don’t know our futures and we’ve definitely made terrible messes of our pasts, so what makes you think now that you can dictate the rest of your life? It’s so much easier just giving God the reins. I mean, He is the one that created me from a rib. Bet you can’t do that.



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