Check Your Phone… God is Calling


God is Calling


I am/was addicted to technology.  I get a rush just being connected to the world.  I’ve been so busy trying to be faithful over the few, being consistent with the church folks, and serving my pastors as well as the other people that “needed” me, that I lost track of what was truly important.  There was no quiet time left for God.  He got the crumbs in the morning before I was sucked into the world of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and He’d get the leftover moments right before sleep.  You know, the last few moments left in the day that (in our minds) define the good Christian from the backslider.  I knew those few stolen moments were never enough for God, and it shouldn’t have been enough for me, but I allowed everything else to get in the way.  I had become too busy for Him, but I never felt like I could disconnect.  People needed me!  I was important! People depended on me and I couldn’t let anyone down.  Things had gotten so bad that I’d sleep with my phone in my hand, just in case I got a late night text or an important FB notification popped up.  Horrible I know.  What makes it even worse, is the fact that the little, sweet, still voice always asked politely, “When is my time?  Will you make time for me?”  I’ve read about idols all my life.  Remember, I’ve been in church the majority of my life, so I knew without a shadow of doubt that you don’t pray to any other gods.  There is only one true and living God.  Yet, that cute little rectangular demon with the adorable pink two-toned case was the idol I served.

Good Lord!  I think I may have had an epiphany!

I’m sitting around, all the time, in my distraction wondering why I don’t hear God’s voice as clearly as before.  In my ignorance, I forgot that you can’t hear if you aren’t listening!  I want God to dedicate himself to me, but I don’t even pay attention when He’s done all but put a neon sign in my face! 

Goodness gracious I feel like such an idiot.

Old reports and advertisements for cell phones lie and claim that this gadget increases your quality of life.  How can that be when all your free time is consumed in kbps?  For 3 days, I separated myself from technology.  No tv, no computer, no phone.  I needed to have a long conversation with God and we couldn’t have any distractions.

*screaming* THIS.WAS.NOT.EASY!!!  AT.ALL! But it was worth it.

It was like withdrawals from a drug, seriously.  I was anxious and nervous.  I had emotions that made MY nerves bad.  I honestly started seeing other people with their phones and computers and I wanted to smack em and take their phone so I could check my FB and my email! *right now I’m LITERALLY smh*

I DREAMED about talking on the phone.  Oh, how I longed to just send a text message!  I’d see people who would get mad at me because they texted me or inboxed me and I never responded.  They didn’t have a clue what was going on.  Everyone knows that me and my phone are a package deal! I text people back like thisfast, so for me to be unresponsive made some nerves bad.  I just told them all that she’s out of commission right now, but she should be up and running again by Tuesday.  Honestly, I hope not.  Not being connected 25/8 gave me a freedom to actually notice life.  It gave me the opportunity to have a true conversation, actual dialogue with God with no distractions.  I’ve prayed, cried, and studied more in 72 hours than I have in a year.  

From the day she’s back in my hand, I will do my best to remember that it is only a piece of hardware.  I will start turning it off at night.  I will devote myself to a set time for studying the word of God with no distractions.  

Right now, my son’s asleep.  My house is so still, so quiet, so peaceful.  I have time to talk to God, to sing, and to worship with nothing in the way. I need this. I crave this. 

Matter of fact, check your call waiting, I think God is beeping in!  I challenge you, RIGHT NOW, to simply devote a weekend, from Friday to Monday morning with NO TECHNOLOGY.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. I really like this post. I’m the same way. I can write and work and be “plugged in” all hours of the day; but really fulfilling part comes when I shut everything down except Him.

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