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I’m In Love


Reposted from my old blog BoredNappy

I’ve been having an affair for too many years to count. No matter how much fun we had, I would always feel empty afterwards. It always felt like there should be something else. I never really felt complete. I catered to him, but it was never enough. He always wanted more. I gave my time, my energy, and opened my heart over and over again for it to just be snatched out and stepped on.

But, there was always someone waiting for me. He was always patient, always kind. He encouraged me and picked me up when I’d fall. He was always there with an encouraging word or a listening ear. When I was upset, he would just hold me and remind me that he’s here. He wanted to be my everything. I never understood why? I ignored him until I needed him. I rarely visited. He just wanted a chance and I wouldn’t give it to him. Just when I would feel myself beginning to give in to his pleading, I’d run away. He would ask me to trust him, I’d say no because I’m afraid. He wanted to help me. I told him I was independent. He knew everything about me, but he still wanted me. He accepted me regardless of all the bad I’d done. That still amazes me.

I’m too tired. I can’t run anymore. Well, all his pleading kinda got to me. I’m in love! It’s amazing that he waited until I was ready to love him back. The first time I paid attention to his touch, I felt brand spanking new. He made all my senses come alive. I finally “found” the man of my dreams, and he’s been here all along. It’s like a fairy tale and finally I get to be the Cinderella. And yes, my glass slipper fits perfectly!

My only regret is that I didn’t allow Christ into my life sooner…


Check Your Priorities



We are all a tiny part of a social circle in some form or fashion.  We spend the mandatory 8 hours with our coworkers, chill out with family, and the majority of us are online using Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Tumbler, Instagram, etc… You get the point. At the end of the day, after spending time with the rest of the world, we just want a bubble bath and a good night’s rest so we can do it all over again tomorrow. In the midst of all this, when does God get his personal time? Is He even on our lists of priorities, or just an afterthought? Do you give Him a quick, “Thank you Lord for this day” in the morning and a rushed, “Lord you’re worthy,” in the evening?  I’m just as guilty as everybody else. I’m not perfect at all. But I feel convicted because I know I haven’t devoted myself to quiet time with Him, and I know that I should.

God should be our first, last, and everything in between. We give excuses so often to justify reasons why we don’t have the time to have a true conversation with Daddy.  One of the most overused excuses I’ve heard is, “God knows my heart.”  We’ve got to do better.

FYI Break:  When I’m writing to you, you, and you, I’m ministering to myself FIRST. These posts are my thoughts, my feelings, my heart’s story. This is my online journal, and basically, I just felt the need to share it with you.  If you feel like you’re being pointed out, reevaluate yourself. It may be the beginning of your personal revelation. 

It’s true. God does know our hearts. He knew us, and created an assignment for our lives even before our creation.  But a real relationship takes time and requires sacrifice on both parts.  Spirituality requires effort. We are a “microwave generation.” We expect everything to come quick and easy. Well, I’m a living witness, that we do NOT serve a “microwave” God.  Ten years to us is merely a blink of an eye to God. We have to make a truly conscious decision to keep our relationship healthy.

Maybe we’ll have to sacrifice a bit of sleep sometimes just to sit down and listen to Him.  Basking in His presence will put a completely different spin on every part of your day. Fasting also plays a crucial part in becoming more in tune with your Spiritual life. The most important person to Him is You. That makes YOU your greatest offering.

Need more proof?  Click here >  Matthew 6:33, Romans 12:1, Psalm 45:11 <

Church Cliques and The Fabulous 5



The body is made up of several parts, working both together and separately to carry out certain tasks. In the case of a paraplegic, certain parts of the body no longer function correctly, therefore, to compensate for the loss of mobility, another part of the body is strengthened, to pick up the slack.  We can still function, just not at the same level as before. 

The church is no different.  There are so many churches that operate in a paraplegic or even a quad state. You may have 100 members with only  5 members carrying the load. These members are constantly overworked and overwhelmed, but whenever a new possibility for leadership arises, The Fabulous 5 Clique takes on another responsibility. This can and will lead to a total breakdown in the church’s mobility. What if The Fabulous 5 Clique gets sick? Who’ll pick up the slack? Quite possibly, the Pastor of the ministry would then carry all burden on his shoulders. Scripture even teaches delegation. Check it out at Exodus 18. Don’t get me wrong, Doing the Lord’s work is the most fulfilling position you could ever have, but come on now? There is a position for everyone in His house. Spread the love.

So many ministries fail because people feel useless.  One of the greatest compliments is to remind someone that they are important enough to be needed.  A human’s greatest desires are to be loved, to feel appreciated, and to make a difference in some area of their life.  

If you were forced to sit in one spot, never even being able to move an inch, with no sustenance (good works), you wouldn’t last long. You would begin to dehydrate, your body would waste away, limb by limb until you were a shriveled mass of what used to be.  This is exactly how it happens in our places of worship. The desire to feel apart of a spiritual family, to work within the realm of your “several abilities” within the ministry slowly diminishes until you find yourself riding up and down the highway on Sunday morning searching for a new place of worship, while the “The Fabulous 5 Clique” feasts on an overabundance of Church favor. 

Church Cliques  are sooo Cliche’.

It’s an honor to do the work of the Lord, both in and out of the ministry.  All I’m saying is, don’t make people feel like just spectators.  No one wants to be on the other side looking in. Invite them in, show them around, and care enough to find out their strengths. Every ability is beneficial in the kingdom of God.